Connecting Your World of E-commerce

ConnectedTo creates a marketing automation data loop to empower both manufacturers and retail channel partners. 

Our mission is to level the playing field for SMBs. Working together we can minimize reliance on third party selling platforms.

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STEP 5: A data loop is
created, allowing evaluation of channel partner engagement and performance.
Retailers can increase their ‘share of the pie’.

STEP 4: Working together, manufacturers and retailers nurture the customer relationship. 

STEP 1: Prospect visits
manufacturer site.

STEP 2: Interactive lead capture sends the prospect to your store through the ConnectedTo dashboard.

STEP 3: Manufacturer
gains data and insights. Retailers gain leads and increased sales.

do more with your store

ConnectedTo enables you to do more with your e-commerce platform, including:

You can also create new revenue streams while lowering expenses with automatic E-commerce updates.
This allows you to cultivate new customers, retain current ones,
and increase the longevity of your business.


@ 2019 ConnectedTo
Website designed by Inbound AV
@ 2019 ConnectedTo
Website designed by Inbound AV